Ice Cream Machine, Slicer and Juicer ​ BT-1180 BENATON

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Ice cream machine, slicer and juicer

Electric vegetable cutter with 5 graters

Citrus press

Apparatus for making ice cream of different tastes

Grater for cheese, chocolate, dried fruits, nuts, vegetables and fruits

BT-1180 BENATON Ice Cream Machin
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Electric Vegetable Cutter - 5 types of graters

Includes: Citrus Juice Juicer

Includes: ice cream accessory in a variety of flavors

Sliced and sliced for thin or coarse slicing, fine or coarse scraping, hard cheese cheeses, Parmesan cheese, chocolate and dried fruits, nuts, almonds, etc.

Wide and large input for feeding vegetables and fruit without cutting, such as carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, etc.

Direct serving to serving bowl / bowl.

It can be easily sliced with carrots, onions, apples, cherubs, potatoes and more.

Includes 5 stainless steel washers for food processing, deployment and granulation of various sizes:

Head for thin deployment, head for thick layout, head for rough grinding, head for fine crushing, head for coarse crushing.

Discs are marked with colored rings for ease of identification.

Includes compresses and compresses.

The processing discs can be stored in the loading tray.

Silcon feet at the base of the device for maximum stability.

Easy to clean.

Provided with instruction manual

1 year official warranty