Vertical Vacuum Cleaner BENATON BT-585

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Short description:

Suitable for dry cleaning

Suction type: cyclone

Power: 1400W

Removable dust container;

It has become a manual cleaner cleaner;

Without a dust bag.

Nozzles set for perforated floor

Powered by household electricity

Filter: 3 steps for washing

Aluminum telescopic tube

Swat Type: Triangle

Capacity: 0.75 liters

12 months warranty.

Price in points: 239 points
BENATON BT-585 Vacuum Cleaner
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Product Details Trash bin spills right from the handle Allows you to enjoy the quick cleaning of the trash can and to continue working with the vacuum cleaner Extra wide brush covering more surface area that allows for a wider cleaning under heavy furniture Extra Brush perfectly designed to provide the gnocchi in the hard corners of the house Ergonomic handle for use It is especially convenient and convenient in this product.

Without a dust bag. Tips included flooring and fissure Domestic electricity Silver 12 months warranty. The vacuum cleaner comes with a special frame used to store the device, So you can charge it while it's hanging on the wall Portable vacuum cleaner and help you easily clean the car, tris And other hard-to-reach items It also comes with a steam nozzle Internal and external filter Dust collector Narrow nozzle, adapter, RAROC pipe Lithium-ion 1300mAh, 16V FCC works for about 25 minutes! Container capacity 0,45 l Voltage 220-240 Power consumption 100 W Especially powerful 1800 W