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Brand: Benaton

It is intended for ironing clothes on:

1) Clothes hanging on a hanger or back of a chair

2) On the ironing board or any other vertical surface

3) Clad directly on the human body


overheat protection

Ceramic heating zone.

Temperature regulator.

Steam button.

Powerful steam flow

Volume: 220 ML.

Power 1500 watts. 220-240 V. 50/60 Hz.

Power cord 1.6 m

Portable and easy to store and transport

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Brand: Benaton

Suitable for heating and thawing

Powerful 700W

Width -44 mm

Depth -30

Height -28 mm

Color: black, white

Warranty 12 months

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Brand: Benaton

High-quality mixer with bowl

Stainless steel bowl 3 liters

5 operating speeds

Power 250 W

2 stainless steel mixers for dough

2 stainless steel mixers for cream

Easy cleaning

Warranty for one year

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Brand: Benaton
  • Inner pot with teflon cover
  • Cooking witnesses
  • A ladle for rice.
  • measuring cup.
  • Electricity cable.
  • Instruction manual
  • 10 automatic programs of choice: heating (up to 24 hours), buckwheat, pilaf, milk porridge, cake, meat stew and evaporation.
  • The device's buttons are in Russian and English (as shown in the pictures).
  • Standby button and timer.
  • Power: W1000
  • Weight: 5.9 kg.
  • Internal bowl capacity: 6 liters.
  • one year warranty
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    Brand: Benaton

    Cultivates the skin of the foot

    Erosion of electric wheel, exit and remove dry skin

    Head roller like washed water

    Ergonomic handle for maximum comfort

    2 clips attached to the roller brush and top cover for the primary plastic cleaner

    Perfect pedicure kit

    Erosion of electric wheel, exit and remove dry skin

    This innovative device slips, leather on solid skin with bubbles in the legs.

    The unique cutting wheel rotates 360 degrees at 40 times per second, with a wide angle

    300 degrees to remove hard skin and cracked footprints of the feet.

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    Brand: Benaton

    Cyclone suction system

    Antibacterial filter HEPA

    Capacity 500 ml

    Connecting to an electrical outlet

    Connecting a cigarette lighter to a vehicle

    Dry cleaner only

    Voltage Hz230 / 50

    Volume L0.5

    Supplier W90

    one year warranty

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    Brand: Benaton

    Single ceramic electric light

    Surface easy to clean

    Temperature Controller

    Audit light

    Rubber feet for stability

    Voltage 230V ~ 50Hz

    Power supply 1200W

    Warranty 12 months

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    Brand: Benaton

    Electric cell stall

    Stainless steel body

    Temperature Controller

    Control light

    Rubber legs for stability

    230V ~ 50Hz Voltage

    1500W Supplier New 12 Warranty

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    Brand: Benaton

    One of the best electrical appliances in the world, Mandoline Slicer is designed and engineered for flawless, comfortable and easy slicing of food products.

    An electric motor-driven cutting insert, the Slicer Mandolin, as a professional machine, goes back and forth to smoothly and uniformly cut food.

    The result is perfectly chopped slices.

    Seven Mandoline Slicer interchangeable nozzles allow you to create a variety of forms of cutting: from curly shavings to slices thin as paper.

    The large, small and medium Mandoline Slicer grooves along which the product moves protect your hands from the slightest approach to the blade. The product moves to the grater with a piston-pusher of different diameters.

    Mandoline Slicer removable container made from specially designed materials that are particularly durable.

    When filling the container with chopped products, it can be easily pulled out and unloaded without disassembling the entire device.

    · All parts of the Mandoline Slicer are easy to clean with any detergent or dishwasher.

    Take everything that you can put into the hole of the container, put it in the container, press it on top with a convenient piston-pusher and press the button. The base begins to move back and forth and rubs against the blade. And you press on the piston. To end. After a few moments, the cucumber is chopped into small rings.

    It is powered by 220 V. The power is 35 W.

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    Brand: Benaton
    סיר פנימי עם כיסוי טפלון בישול עדים מצקת לאורז. כוס מדידה. כבל חשמל. מדריך הוראות בעברית, רוסית 18 תוכניות אוטומטיות לבחירה: חימום (עד 24 שעות), כוסמת, פילאף, דייסת חלב, עוגה, נזיד בשר ואידוי. לחצני...
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    Brand: Benaton
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    Brand: Benaton
    BENATON quality toaster oven Volume of 25 liters Power 1500W Includes turbo-baking mode Includes a timer up to 60 minutes Select the thermostat from 100 to 250 degrees Heat-resistant glass door Easy to clean from outside and inside...
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    Brand: Benaton

    Steam cleaning device - including floor and parquet accessories

    5 working modes on one device - Wide range for multi-purpose cleaning.

    Volume of water tank

    Adjustable steam control

    Cleaning fast and easy!

    Ready to work in just 30 seconds!

    Long 5 m cable for use in a rest

    The steam volume reaches 100 degrees

    Supplier 1300W

    Suitable for a wide range of surfaces:

    Bathrooms, floors and parquets, sofas, windows, carpets and more

    Includes instructions booklet and certificate

    one year warranty

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    Brand: Benaton

    Wet / dry car vacuum cleaner

    Dry and wet dirt can be sucked

    Thanks to the structure of the barrel that stores the liquids in it.

    Connects to the ignition of the vehicle.

    Work voltage V12

    Flexible hose for work comfort.

    Various cleaning accessories: upholstery, floor, and hard access areas.

    Convenient for use and storage in a vehicle

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    Brand: Benaton
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