Trimming Kit Face & Heand for the beard and mustache 6 в 1 Braun MGK3025

Brand: BRAUN
List price: 599,00
Short description:

Rotary engine

Battery life 40 minutes

Charging time 10 hours

Charge indicator

Number of nozzles 6

Beard trim

Wet cleaning

Warranty period 1 year

Braun MGK3025
In stock

4 crests of 0.5 - 21 mm will create clear lines on the neck and cheeks

Overcome the most difficult areas with precise trimmer, for example, around the lips.

Cut your hair exactly to the desired length - from 0.5 to 21 mm - with two adjustable double-action hairbrushes.

Lifetime sharp blades

Thanks to lifelong sharp blades, throughout life we get the perfect result.

13 fine settings

The battery, which is for life

40 minutes of continuous work. Full charge in 10 hours.

Fully washable head and comb

Safe wash under running water for easy cleaning.

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