Slicer - electric chopper, professional "mandolin" BENATON BT-2020

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One of the best electrical appliances in the world, Mandoline Slicer is designed and engineered for flawless, comfortable and easy slicing of food products.

An electric motor-driven cutting insert, the Slicer Mandolin, as a professional machine, goes back and forth to smoothly and uniformly cut food.

The result is perfectly chopped slices.

Seven Mandoline Slicer interchangeable nozzles allow you to create a variety of forms of cutting: from curly shavings to slices thin as paper.

The large, small and medium Mandoline Slicer grooves along which the product moves protect your hands from the slightest approach to the blade. The product moves to the grater with a piston-pusher of different diameters.

Mandoline Slicer removable container made from specially designed materials that are particularly durable.

When filling the container with chopped products, it can be easily pulled out and unloaded without disassembling the entire device.

· All parts of the Mandoline Slicer are easy to clean with any detergent or dishwasher.

Take everything that you can put into the hole of the container, put it in the container, press it on top with a convenient piston-pusher and press the button. The base begins to move back and forth and rubs against the blade. And you press on the piston. To end. After a few moments, the cucumber is chopped into small rings.

It is powered by 220 V. The power is 35 W.

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