Creative Technology Ltd. is a Singapore-based global company headquartered in Jurong East, Singapore. The principal activities of the company and its subsidiaries consist of the design, manufacture and distribution of digitized sound and video boards, computers and related multimedia, and personal digital entertainment products.

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Brand: Creative

Type: 2.1

Total power: 9 W

Range of reproduced frequencies: 50-20000 Hz

Signal to noise ratio: 75 dB

Remote control wired

Power supply from the network

Line input (stereo)

Power of front speakers 2.5 W

Subwoofer power 4 W

Warranty 1 year

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Brand: Creative

-Type: 2.1

- Signal to noise ratio: 75 dB

- Number of front speaker strips: 1

-RMS: 16 W

-Front Speakers: 4W

-Swoofer: 8 W

-Minimum: 40 Hz

-Maximum: 20,000 Hz

Warranty 1 year

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