Soundbar - multichannel speaker system with excellent sound for connecting to a TV + Bluetooth 4.0 F & D T-360X FENDA

Brand: Fenda
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Short description:

Brand: Fenda

2.1 Acoustics format

Output power 80 W

Subwoofer Dock diameter 8 "4x2.25"

Frequency range Subwoofer 20-120 Hz satellites 130-20000 Hz

Signal to noise ratio 7070 dB

Crosstalk 40 40 dB

220 volts

Bluetooth 4.0

Reception range up to 10 m.

Remote control included

Optional support of USB reader for WMA / MP3 formats

Body Subwoofer - MDF, Satellites - Plastic

Dimensions of speakers, l * w * g 69.9 x 980 x 330 mm.

The size of the subwoofer is 330 x 350 x 270 mm.

Weight 7.7 kg.

12 months warranty

In stock

A multi-channel speaker system with excellent sound for movie lovers. Dive into a bright and rich sound and enjoy every moment of the movie. It consists of a massive sound and subwoofer panel. The Soundbar is represented by 4 x 2.25 inch speakers and an 8 inch subwoofer. The system is equipped with a Bluetooth 4.0 module to connect smart music or a tablet. The subwoofer is made of MDF. The ink of the Soundbar is divided into a digital screen.


Wireless subwoofer connection

LED screen

Bluetooth 4.0

USB port with MP3 / WMA support

Acoustics design understated, easily adjust the interior of the house

Surround sound, connection using optical or coaxial input