In Car bluetooth FM Modulator- Wireless FM Transmitter CARG 7

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FM-transmitter (FM-modulator) - a device designed to play audio files recorded on a flash-memory with further listening with an FM-radio.

It is mainly used in cars as an inexpensive device that allows you to use modern and dust-free audio storage devices without replacing obsolete (on cassettes or CDs) or devices that are not suitable for use in cars with an FM radio tuner, USB flash drive, and / or memory card.

Warranty 6 months

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-Rated operating voltage 12V

Voltage 9 ~ 26V

USB output 5v / 2a

Operating temperature 0 ~ 50 ℃

Support for MP3 format WMA format

SNR \ u003e 60 dB

Distortion <0.1%

Frequency response 20Hz-15kHz

Channel separation 003e 60 dB

Bluetooth audio processing A2DP (pre-audio distribution profile)

Bluetooth transmission range 10M-15M

Bluetooth microphone effective range 0.5 ~ 2M

Transmission frequency 87.5 ~ 108Mhz

Mode of transmission digital capture pll stereo